Suzanne E. Szucs                                 
Breathing in Place Superficies Digital images, video, sound

The Breathing in Place video pieces are interactions with the Great Lakes that explore the relationship of the body to the landscape. I am interested in bodies of water for their constant change and erosion, the shore as a boundary line shifting and acting on the land, and the inevitability of the horizon. Both Lake Michigan, Kathi and Lake Superior, Dee (part 1), feature a soundtrack that was made in collaboration with artists who were asked to make their instruments “breathe.” The samples were then mixed to create an aural experience, one that conjures the sound of the water, but challenges expectations through its complexity. The Superficies water abstraction banners are large enough to create a corporeal experience for the viewer. The surface is subject as light makes marks upon the water, however there is pure visual pleasure in lens-based seeing, as scale and focus shift, and the viewer descends past the surface and into the image. This work is as much about perception and experience as it is about capturing an image. How we see, experience and interact with the world around us forms us as individuals. The myriad surfaces reflect the multiplicity of self.

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Breathing in Place: Lake Michigan, Kathi on Vimeo

Breathing in Place: Lake Superior, Dee, part one

Superficies Installation 

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