Suzanne E. Szucs

New Work: Sketch 4 I.D.


Sketch4ID4 sketch4ID5 sketch4ID6 sketch4ID7 sketch4ID8

Inkjet prints on Hahnemuhle Bright White, 11" x 17" 2008-10

The Sketch 4 I.D. series has been developed out of my interest in the marks and scars on trees. Creating montages from these shapes by combining them with human skin and text, I am investigating the physicality of surface and the process of aging. Ultimately, all my work is about marking, decay and the formation of identity. These images function like archeological remnants – a deconstruction of both text and image recombined to create a new context. They are fragments of the everyday: the trees are surrogates for the body and the text, derived from stories and letters, manifests as trace memory. As identifiers, they are unformed signifiers – sketches where words and image get lost within each other.



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